The Black Gardener Paint Range

The Black Gardener Paint Range

I love colour in the garden – as much as possible! You may have noticed that I am not afraid of painting things – patios, furniture, walls, decking, flowerpots and fences. Using colour and paint well is one of my favourite things.

I am often asked which paint to use? Which paint does everything and is made to last? Which paint has a wide range of colours which are fun to play with and do not cost the earth?

I would really love to launch my own paint range which I can use on television and recommend to my viewers. I will be pursuing this later this year along with a ton of fun and attainable ideas for garden creativity to promote it.

Meanwhile if you are a paint manufacturer who ticks all the above boxes and would value me as an ambassador you know what to do – get in touch!!

The Black Gardener
29th May 2019

Image credit: Michelle Broomfield

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