The Black Gardener Creative Team Are....

Danny Clarke – With 22 years experience as a landscaper and over 5 years on TV, Danny is fast becoming recognised as a leading thinker in his field. He is charismatic, energetic and can innovate original and relevant ideas at speed. He is amazing to work with both on and off set.

AJ – The wizard of everything built at The Black Gardener with a huge smile and the patience of a saint. He can solve things skilfully and at speed. Let’s face it he has to with Danny by his side.

Nick Malley – An expert craftsman with great problem solving skills and a wicked sense of humour. He has a long standing history in building landscapes and has worked with Danny for many years. Danny has employed many garden builders over the years but considers Nick to be one of the very best he knows and is proud to be working with him.

Michelle Broomfield – Probably the most creative woman you will ever meet. Do you want a good and relevant idea? Question is how many!! Together with Danny the pair are the creative think tank behind the Black Gardener blog and a force to be reckoned with!

Neil Marshment and Danny Clarke

Neil Marshment – The Black Gardeners’ photographic super hero. Always there tenaciously catching those magical moments before, during and after the show. A sneaky genius for photographing the full story. He is a fantastic visual influencer and has the creative technology skills to match. 

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