Our Trees!

Our Trees!

I love trees.  They give us so much – shade on a hot day, shelter on a wet day, something to climb, fruit to eat, air to breath…..  Beautiful all year round – vivid greens of new life in the spring and summer, the gorgeous palette of colours in autumn and even the organic sculptured shapes of empty branches during their hibernation period in winter.

When I take a walk through woodland I feel blessed to be surrounded such a variety of trees.  Each one individual. I love the texture of the bark and the sound of the leaves on a breezy summers day.

But… let’s not forget how important trees are to our planet. They are the lungs of our planet and sadly they are under threat in many parts of the world.  I am joining the The Big Climate Fightback, a campaign by the Woodland Trust with an aim to get a million people to plant a tree on the run up to a mass planting on 30th November 2019.

Have a read, join me and others in the campaign. 


The Black Gardener
24 November 2019

Photo credit: Neil Marshment

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