Mobile ‘Pop-up’ Gardens

Mobile ‘Pop-up’ Gardens

How do we make gardens or green spaces accessible to people who don’t have them? Especially in the city? Could we move gardens from place to place for people to enjoy? Who would use them and what would they use them for?

I had an idea to make gardens portable – meaning basically we put them on wheels so they can move. Would this be a truck or a trailer? A fold out box that transforms into a temporary garden? Could we drop the gardens off literally over night where you least expect them?

The garden could take a whole load of styles and have different purposes. What do they look like? Are they simply a planted space or something spectacular? Do we involve entertainments or refreshments? A playground for children? Are they educational? Could we even grow food? I would love to hear your thoughts so I can scope this out a bit more. It would be great for TV.

The Black Gardener
22 July 2019

Image credit: Michelle Broomfield

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