Mobile Gardens for Chelsea and other thoughts……

Mobile Gardens for Chelsea and other thoughts……

Who watched BBC1 David Attenborough’s Climate Change – The Facts. If you didn’t you really must. Here’s the link. After watching this programme I had every faith that ‘every bit we all do to help reduce our carbon footprint will collectively make a difference’. This is why when I was asked to think about a fun or lighthearted contribution to Chelsea Flower Show this year I knew it would be my central theme.

I was not part of Chelsea this year but I wanted to share my ideas because they were loads of fun. My brief had been to create my own ‘off site’ contribution to Chelsea Flower Show. It needed to be something all people could interact with and enjoy. I wanted to create a garden to transport people through the streets of London and even to the flower show itself. My solution was to create solar assisted pedal rickshaws dressed up as little gardens. We could have even served Pimms whilst people sat on a bench in a rose garden travelling to the show. How much fun would that be?

Of course when this idea popped into my mind I had to take it further!! I know we can’t all be perfect when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint but we can be better. Here is where my thoughts led me. There is so much space on the roofs of busses and taxis to collect solar power. It may not be enough to power the vehicle, but could it be harnessed for something else? Further more how about planting the roofs? I have seen it done for fun but could it be real? Far fetched? Who knows? After all solar powered aircraft are already a reality.

Watch this space. I am hoping somebody will find these ideas interesting and challenge me to produce them…

The Black Gardener
26 June 2019

Image credit: Michelle Broomfield

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