How green is your Garden Centre?

How green is your Garden Centre?

What’s the greenest shop you know? I would not be surprised if lots of you said ‘garden centre’. I wonder if you think I would agree? I was recently asked the same thing for an interview. They are not bad on the whole and some are better than others but I still think there is room for improvement.

Most garden centres are now using responsibly sourced timber and even recycled plastic products. Some have got local horticulture supply to be as much as 94%, and others have strict environmental policies in place.

But what about pesticides? In an ideal world I would like us to be 100% organic which is not commercially viable for most garden centres. Some are better than others at offering natural alternatives for pesticides and other chemically produced products. Could garden centres educate on organic techniques to encourage the market to change?

How about packaging? I always wonder if there is a different way to sell compost other than in plastic bags? We are so used to buying products this way we don’t think about it, but how about selling it loose? Would it work? Could we provide refillable hessian bags with a discount when you bring them back?

I would love to know your thoughts? How can garden centres be greener?

The Black Gardener
6 September 2019

Image credit: Michelle Broomfield

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