Garden Salvage Chic on TV!

Garden Salvage Chic on TV!

This is fantastic!  In June I posted an idea about sustainability titled ‘Garden Salvage Chic’.  In July we filmed this for ITV This Morning and turned the idea into reality.  Demonstrating how simple, fun and cost effective it is for everyone to do.  

It showed how we can collect discarded items, perfectly good things that just require some love and attention to spice them up.  Using creative thinking, inspiration and vibrant coloured paints we can all bring unique and fun design to our gardens.  

I am passionate about our environment and I have to say that the result was stunning!  

Watch now.. How recycled rubbish can bring glamour to your garden (ITV This Morning 29 July 2019)

What can you do in your garden? Would you like to see more ideas come to life on TV?

The Black Gardener
July 2019

Image credit: Michelle Broomfield, Photography Credit: Neil Marshment

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