Funky Use of Colour!

Funky Use of Colour!

In a recent blog post I talked about my love of colour in gardens and The Black Gardener paint range.  Hopefully you will have seen me recently on TV where I have liberally used a wide range of colours to add a large splash of creativity and fun!  I love how the colours both contrast and harmonise with natures beautiful palette throughout all the seasons of the year. It is simply magical!

I have received lots of positive comments from viewers who are now being inspired to use colour in their own gardens.  Especially how the use of paint breathes new life into recycled furniture and to liven up decks, fences and patios.  

I think that images speak for themselves!  Keep watching as I will be talking about more application ideas and join with me and continue to grow the increasing trend for the creative use of paint.  I would love to hear how you are using colour in your gardens.

The Black Gardener
13 September 2019

Photography Credit: Neil Marshment

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