Danny Visits Richmond Hill Open Gardens – 2nd June 2019

Danny Visits Richmond Hill Open Gardens – 2nd June 2019

Admit it – who likes a snoop at other people’s gardens? Well take a look at this…

Richmond Hill Open Gardens is a charity event where 15 private gardens are open to the public once every 2 years. These lovingly designed gardens are the creation of their owners and are all completely different. Danny saw everything from spectacular architectural landscapes, lifestyle gardens with workshop out houses, organic food solutions, a diverse array of fauna and flora, dramatic sculptures, water features and even a garden built on top of a 50,000 litre rainwater irrigation tank. “It was a wonderful day out and a truly inspiring experience…

Danny was keen to meet the owners of the gardens. “Today I met some wonderful people who shared my passion for garden design, talking with them, hearing their stories and inspiration –  each one with their own journey, garden needs and choices.

The day was a tremendous success and the event hopes to have raised close to £18,000 for local charities and the local church. It attracted over 1,500 visitors of all ages and interests, including many that had travelled a good distance to get there. As a charity patron himself, Danny was also looking for opportunities where he can support the event, including the opportunity to bring the Richmond Hill experience to a wider audience via TV. “I would love to be able to help promote such a generous and wonderful event raise money for charity. It is a great idea and a fantastic experience”. 


Visit the Richmond Hill Open Gardens website at http://www.richmondhillopengardens.org

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Words and Images by Neil Marshment
“I wanted to capture the spirit of the event through Danny’s eye’s in photographs”
5 June 2019

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