Danny Clarke’s National Wildflower Day

Danny Clarke’s National Wildflower Day

I would love to work with a bee charity, maybe in collaboration with a wildflower charity to establish a national Wildflower Day.  A day set in springtime where we would involve schools and children in a really fun one day event planting flowers together to help save the bees.  They could start with small pots or even create small meadows in the grounds of their schools or even other public spaces.  

I have a passion for wildflowers in gardens, in fact I love to see a meadow garden in preference to manicured perfect lawns.  Apart from looking beautiful they can be full of wildflowers and provide a eco-system for wildlife, especially bees who need the pollen to thrive.

Do you know what?  The bees would love it, would you?

If there are any charities or corporate sponsors who are interested then get in touch here.

The Black Gardener
18 February 2020

Illustration: Michelle Broomfield and Ellen Goodwin

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