Charity Christmas

Charity Christmas

I love Christmas – it is such a magical time of year and there is nothing better than foraging for materials in the local woodlands to make decorations for the home and garden. I prefer using natural and organic materials for my decorations (even the glitter on these is plant based). There is too much waste at Christmas and every little thing I can do to help eliminate that matters to me.

This year my team and I were preparing for a Christmas blog when our decorations were spotted by Social Link, a charity which helps adults with learning difficulties live a more independent life. The Black Gardener Blog was delighted to be asked to run a workshop with the members of social link to make them to sell for charity. White Stuff in Beaconsfield is now selling our products with all proceeds going to Social Link.

Since then other local business expressed an interest in selling them to help the Crisis charity to give homeless people a place at their centres for Christmas. We set a mini production line! To date we have raised a decent amount for charity and we are still going. Quite a result from what started with just a pile of twigs.

I am so glad a simple blog has ended up being of value to people who really need it. It’s a perfect Christmas story for me and I can’t wait to do more of it. Maybe we can make it a larger effort next year!

The Black Gardener
11 December 2019

Photo credit: Neil Marshment

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