Creating an Urban Greenscape

Creating an Urban Greenscape

We are all very aware how urgently we need to address environmental issues. I often hear people remark it is the responsibility of the EU, governments and councils to take action on these matters but with so much else taking priority green issues are taking a back seat.

As a landscaper I have been keen to investigate how we could bring greenery back into our towns and cities. Planting more trees is a great way to help combat climate change – they not only clean the air, but they also provide oxygen. There are other benefits to having trees in cities – they cool the streets and conserve energy, they protect us from harmful UV rays and provide a canopy for biodiversity. But trees are scarce in cities for a variety of reasons – there is not enough space, and the root structures can be damaging to buildings and structures around them. 

So what else could we do to help ‘green’ the urban landscape? You may have seen me on television creating a vertical garden for Honda? Vertical garden technology has come a long way and we are now able to clad buildings – even possibly whole streets. And if we can do that, could we also create ‘planted’ canopies which stretch between buildings?

I can hear you asking who is going to pay for and maintain all of this? Well that’s the interesting part because this strikes me as a massive opportunity for business. There must be many big manufacturers who contribute significantly to the carbon footprint and would really benefit from funding a project like this. To be known for doing something this significant to help combat climate change must be more valuable than all the advertising and PR spend over a few years?

Who is up for the challenge? Do you want to join me and take this to a feasibility study? I am sure it would make great television and if you are interested I would love to hear from you.

The Black Gardener
29th May 2019

Image credit: Michelle Broomfield

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