Anti-Bullying School Garden?

Anti-Bullying School Garden?

How do you tackle school bullying by designing a garden? This is a very interesting question. Later this year I will be tasked with designing a garden for a school in Bromley and the focus is anti-bullying. My team has their work cut out for them and I can’t tell you too much right now but I am going to share some initial thoughts with you.

There is a lot done these days to teach anti-bullying in schools and I want to reflect and support this in the school garden. This should be a place where children belong as a social group and a place where I need to encourage interactivity. Individuality is important and I want the children to remember how special they are and feel safe to be who they are.

You may be asking how a social space disciplines a bully? It doesn’t and that’s the point. Generally speaking bullies themselves may suffer low self esteem and crave control. They may have learned that disciplinary behaviours are a way of gaining what they want. They may feel isolated or that they don’t fit in. In any case it is likely that the bully himself may suffer emotional volatility.

Teaching children about being kind and care in the community is how many schools approach bullying. It is an inclusive method that teaches children care and compassion for others. It encourages children to do good deeds, speak up, be honest and take care of others.

Understanding this gave me a whole range of ideas how I could support anti-bulling curriculums in my garden design. Time will be of the essence and I won’t have long to execute this but my mind is drawn to aspirational slogans, care in the community focused games and children planting flowers to honour each other. Of course there will be bright colour, paint and fun! Lots of it!!

I am looking forward to sharing this with you on the blog when I start working on it. Meanwhile feel free to add your comments and thoughts. 

Have a lovely day!

The Black Gardener
25th May 2019

Image credit: Neil Marshment

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