A Garden Holiday

A Garden Holiday

In this strange world in which we are all locked down to halt the spread of Coronavirus, our movements are limited, and the world feels a slightly smaller space.  It feels confined.  This is made harder as the days are brighter and the weather get warmer when I start to plan my holidays and days out.  A spontaneous visit to the countryside or a road trip to the coast with exploring, seeing new things and relaxation on route.

Here is a little bit of fun!  What if we could miniaturise ourselves, climb aboard a camper van and explore our own gardens.  How would it feel, what would we see, and would it change the way we think about our gardens?  What does your garden look like from that perspective?

If you have a toy car, campervan or perhaps a boat if you have pond.  Go on your travels and send me some of your snaps.

Here are some of my holiday photographs

The Black Gardener
20 April 2020

Photo credit: Neil Marshment

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