1000s of New Trees to Fight Climate Change

1000s of New Trees to Fight Climate Change

The Woodland Trust

On Saturday 30th November 2019, I was privileged to join The Woodland Trust at The Big Climate Fightback event where they aimed to plant as many as a million new trees to help combat Climate Change. At The Young Peoples Forest in Mead, thousands of people braved the cold and endeavoured to plant literally as many trees as they possibly could in just one day. It was a wonderful experience and rarely have I seen such joy and community spirit to achieve one simple thing – use nature to help fight climate change for generations to come. And that’s not all – communities all over the UK bonded together at dozens more sites to do exactly the same. It was a huge effort and I want to extend my thanks to every single person involved on behalf of The Woodland Trust – you have made a difference.


 “Trees are the ultimate multi-taskers, helping to combat the two environmental emergencies facing our planet: climate change and biodiversity loss. They absorb carbon, fight flooding, reduce pollution, nurture wildlife and make landscapes more resilient. Reducing our carbon emissions will never be enough. It’s vital we grow a UK-wide patchwork of trees and woods – not just by planting, but also through natural regeneration. The woods, hedges and green spaces we create buffer existing habitats, tackle climate change and reverse wildlife decline – all at the same time.”  The Woodland Trust.

We are yet to learn exactly how many trees got planted on Saturday – we expect it to be in the 100,000s at least, but the effort must not stop there. Please plant more trees – if not for the love of them do it as your commitment to fight climate change. The Woodland Trust have packs to help so if you have a community or cause that wants to help but just can’t afford to visit https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk. Let nothing stop you – please plant more trees!

I would like to thank the Woodland Trust for making my team and I so very welcome on Saturday. These wonderful people are so committed to their work and need help to spread the word so we all understand the importance of trees, hedgerows and woodland to the environment. I want to do everything in my power to help bring awareness to the Woodland Trust and their wonderful efforts and ultimately get everybody helping. We need to preserve trees in our woodlands and bring trees back in abundance to our towns and cities. I am heartbroken that all too often trees are considered an inconvenience or potential problem in the built environment. This is nonsense… you just need to know which are the right trees to plant – so ask me, ask The Woodland Trust but please plant more trees!

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The Black Gardener
2 December 2019

Photo credit: Neil Marshment and Michelle Broomfield

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