10,000 Trees Planted at The Young People’s Forest

10,000 Trees Planted at The Young People’s Forest

10,000 trees planted on the site over the five hours of the event.  

Wow, what a headline!  And this was just at the Young Peoples Forest site in Derbyshire.

A few weeks ago I talked about a fabulous day spent at the Young Peoples Forest joining the Big Climate Fightback Campaign and helping the Woodland Trust to plant trees.  It was a hugely successful day and I think that the statistics speak loudly for themselves.  A massive contribution to the #BigClimateFightback and addressing #ClimateChange but there is more to do and we MUST keep planting!

Jules Acton, Ambassador of the Woodland Trust said at The Young People’s Forest that day “the RAF cadets of 209 Squadron planted 209 trees and the Sikh community planted 550 trees in honour of the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikh faith – a beautiful act of planting and I understand there are similar planting events taking place in 1,800 locations across the world.

Back in the UK the #iWill Young People’s Forest event was one of more than 100 Big Climate Fightback themed events organised by partners such as the National Trust, the Tree Charter branches and community groups as well as team Woodland Trust. And more than a quarter of a million people pledged to plant a tree in this Year of Green Action.”

Please join me in this crucial campaign to repopulate our planet with trees..  #EveryTreeCounts!

The Black Gardener
24 December 2019

Video credit: The Woodland Trust and Photo credit: Neil Marshment

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